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Newborough Well Dressing

6th May 2013


Crusher Consumables Ltd sponsors Well Dressing and flower display in local village, Newborough.

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The ancient art of Well Dressing is believed to have originated in pagan times when it was a ritual performed to give thanks for the gift of water and may possibly have been introduced to Britain by the Romans. the church banned it but the tradition refused to die and has survived to the present day in and around Derbyshire. At its simplest it’s the art of decorating springs and wells with pictures of growing things. Wooden boards are filled with soft, wet clay on which a design is picked out and then colored using petals and other natural materials such as leaves, cones and bark.

newborough well dressing - newborough, newborough

Crusher Consumables was lucky enough to be able to sponsor a well board at this year’s Well Dressing and a beautiful display of flowers which were displayed in the church as parts of a festival of flowers. The sun was shining and a lovely day was had by all, the village looked splendid with festive decorations and attractions for all the family to enjoy.