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HYFILBFMPD14 Gearbox breather filter

HYFILLINDEHPV Spin-on oil filter for Linde HPV


CCPMOTOELSTANDAUG Cover of combi cooler

ÖLKANNE500ML               Ölspritzkanne 500ml starres und flexibles Rohr

ÖLSCHAUFSK176              Oil inspection glass

KUPKPTO19/POS37         Oil inspection glass

MOTC10ÖLPUMPTAUSCH            Oil pump

MOTC10ÖLPUMP            Oil pump

F15-23-0014        Oil gasket pan DEUTZ HCS

MOTCT2482381                 Oil level indicator C13

MOTCT1260129                 Lgage as

ÖLKTBH110         Oilcooler

HYKSHC018-11   Cooler

F10-35-1612        Coolerelement Oil f.combi cooler

EX44-EX5015      Coolerelement Oil f.or driven hydraulic

F15-30-0172        Engine oil filter HCS

F15-23-0013        Oil filter neck DEUTZ HCS

MOTCT1R1808   H.E. oil filter f. C10

F15-23-0022        Engine fuel filter HCS

F15-23-0023        Engine oil filter HCS

MOTIV2992242 Oil filter

EX44-EN1000      oil filter

ÖLFASS Ölfass 200l

ÖLDRUCKGEBER               Oil pressure sensor

ÖL-DRUCKGEBER             Oil pressure sensor

ÖLDRUCKANZEIGE          Oil pressure gauge

E9170240             Oil pressure gauge

F14-05-0025        Oil pressure gauge

ÖLBETANKUNGSPUMPE Oil pump set for refilling

KUP17KSI/POS47             Oil deflector #Oil deflector#Oil deflector

F15-30-0171        Fuel Trap insert

ÖLABGABESET   Ölabgabeset stationär mit elektrischer Pumpe

HYLKSHC 026-X-S50-DHG-S/a      Oil/Air cooler without fan wheel and hydraulic motor

HYLKSDC026-B-000          Oil/Air cooler

HYLKLDC016B-0-00-000-0-0          Oil/Air cooler

HYKOA05A0006 Cooler set for oil

REINÖLFETTLÖSEREXTRARM31ASF           Öl- und Fettlöser

ÖLGETDONGEB Gear oil f. Vibro

ÖLGETDONLOS Gear oil f. vibro

F14-05-0015        Ignition keys

F14-05-0010        Ignition switch with keys

X100015               Ignition lock

YANZÜNDSCHLOSS         Ignition lock f. HCS

E86760011           Ignition switch 4-way

E269836                Ignition switch

ZYSTIFT12/40/7 Parallel pin

ZYSTIFT12/95/7 Parallel pin

ZYSCHM6/90/8.8/963     Countersunk bolt

ZYSCHM6/40/8.8/912     Countersunk bolt

ZYSCHM20/260/8.8/912                Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM20/220/8.8/912                Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM20/50/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM16/120/8.8         Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM16/60/8.8            Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM16/50/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM16/45/8.8            Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM16/40/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM16/30/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt.

ZYSCHM14/45 8.8 DIN912 verz. Zylinderschraube

ZYSCHM14/45/12.9/912                Zylinderschraube verz.

ZYSCHM12/100/8.8/912                Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM12/90/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM12/85/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM12/70/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM12/45/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM12/40/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM12/30/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM12/20/8.8            Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM10/90/8.8/912   Countersunk bolt

ZYSCHM10/160/8.8/912                Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM10/50/8.8            Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM10/40/8.8            Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM10/35/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt.

ZYSCHM10/30/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM10/25/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM10/20/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM10/20/10.9/912                Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM10/16/8.8/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM8/200/8.8            Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM8/180/8.8            Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM8/90/8.8/912     Bolt

ZYSCHM8/90/10.9/912   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM8/80/8.8/912     Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM8/50/8.8/912     Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM8/30/8.8/912     Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM8/25/8.8/912     Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM8/20/84               Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM8/20/8.8              Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM8/16/84               Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM8/16/8.8/7984   Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM8/100/10.9/912                Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM6/55/8.8              Zylinderschraube

ZYSCHM6/30/8.8              Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM6/20/8.8              Zylinderschraube

MOTCTEMSZYSCH           Screw-buttom head

ZYSCHM5/50/8.8              Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM5/40/8.8/912     Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM4/10/84               Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM4/10/8.8/912     Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM3/35/84               Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM3/16/8.8/912     Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM3/14/8.8/912     Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM3/08/8.8/912     Cyl. bolt

ZYSCHM3/06/8.8/912     Cyl. bolt

HYISA6  Hex. head screw f. clamp body

HYISA5  Hex. head screw f. clamp body

ZYLINDERSCHLO               Lock cylinder

LAG319/C3          Cylindrical roller bearing

LAG316/C3          Cylindrical roller bearing


F10-28-0040        Screen Jacking Ram

F10-28-0037        Zylinder Siebbox

F10-28-0034        Side Conveyor Ram

F10-28-0001        Side A Ram

F10-28-0032        Main Conveyor Tail Ram

F10-28-0045        Hydraulic cylinder for screenbox

F10-28-0017        Side conveyor lift ram

F10-28-0020        Hydraulic cylinder for tail conveyor

F10-28-0015        Main Conveyor Slide Ram

F10-28-0021        Grid tipping ram

F10-28-0007        Jacking Leg Ram

F10-28-0046        Feeder Slide Ram

F10-28-0030        Feeder Hopper Ram

HYZY      Zylinder Burnside

HYZY      Zylinder Burnside

HYZY80/50/630  Zylinder Burnside

HYZY80/40/550  Zylinder Burnside

HYZY80/40/360  Zylinder Burnside

HYZY80/40/850  Zylinder Burnside

HYZY60/40/400  Zylinder Burnside

HYZY60/30/500  Zylinder Burnside

HYZY60/30/175  Zylinder Burnside

HYZY100/50/900               Zylinder Burnside

F10-28-0010        Vibrating grid Ram

F10-28-0053        Transfer Conveyor Ram

F10-28-0019        Shredder Ram

F10-28-0050        Side Conveyor Jacking Ram

F10-28-0014        Wheel M/C Jackleg Ram

F10-28-0008        Tail A Ram

F10-28-0049        Ram 10-28-0049

HYZY100/55/1010             Hydraulic cylinder

HYZYMOD5515  Main Conveyor Slide Ram

HYZY90/50/200K-S           Hydraulic cylinder

HYZY80/45/360K               Hydraulic cylinder

HYZY80/45/590R3/8        Hydraulic cylinder

HYZY70/45/340  Hydraulic cylinder

HYZY70/40/250R-S           Hydraulic cylinder

HYZY63/36/800R               Hydraulic cylinder

HYZY63/36/410K               Hydraulic cylinder

HYZY63/36/300-R M24x1,5          Hydraulic cylinder

HYZY50/28/430  Hydraulic cylinder

HYZY50/25/80-K                Hydraulic cylinder

HYGZ6L Ring bite fitt./swivel to swivel union

HYGZ42L              Ring bite fitt./swivel to swivel union

HYGZ28L              Ring bite fitt./swivel to swivel union

HYGZ22L              Ring bite fitt./swivel to swivel union

HYGZ14S/L          Ring bite fitt./swivel to swivel union

HYGZ10S              Ring bite fitt./swivel to swivel union

.               Zwischenplatte

HYWAZWEIWEG               2-way valve

ZWEILOCHMUDRE90/7  Zweilochmutterndreher

ZWEILOCHMUDRE75/6  Zweilochmutterndreher

ZWEILOCHMUDRE60/5  Zweilochmutterndreher

ZWEILOCHMUDRE50/5  Zweilochmutterndreher

ZWEILOCHMUDRE45/4  Zweilochmutterndreher

ZWEILOCHMUDRE40/4  Zweilochmutterndreher

ZWEIARMABZIEHERU454/5         Zweiarm Abzieher

ZWEIARMABZIEHERK20/10          Zweiarm Abzieher

PC0970.51.04.05               sliding plastics

ZUSCHLAG          Surcharge

HSS0.309.332Ea                 Balancing weight

ZURRGURT0.5T Securing strap

ZURRGURT4T     Securing strap

KUPKPTO19/POS72         Feed pump

SCHWEIßTISCHS4-ZUBEHÖR        Zubehörset zu Schweißtisch S4

MOTLIEINBAUSATZ         Accessory kit f. diesel engine



ZOLLSCH3/8X2UNF          Hex. inch bolt

ZOLLSCH7/16x2 3/4 931                Zollschraube

ZOLLSCH7/16X1 Hex. inch bolt

ZOLLSCH5/8x3/931          S-Tick

ZOLLSCH5/8X13/4            Hex. inch bolt

ZOLLSCH5/8x1 3/4 931   S-Tick

ZOLLSCH5/16X3/4            Hex. inch bolt

ZOLLSCH5/16x1 Zollschraube

ZOLLSCH5/16x1 1/4        S-Tick

ZOLLSCH5/16x1 1/2         S-Tick

ZOLLSCH3/8X3/4              Zollschraube

ZOLLSCH3/8X1   Hex. inch bolt

ZOLLSCH3/8x1/933          S-Tick

ZOLLSCH3/8x115/8/933 Zollschraube

ZOLLSCH3/8X13/8            Zollschraube

ZOLLSCH3/8X11/4_933  Zollschraube

ZOLLSCH3/8x1 1/2           S-Tick

ZOLLSCH1/4X11/4            Zollschraube verz.

ZOLLSCH1/4X11/2            Zollschraube verz.

ZOLLSCH1/4X3/4              Zollschraube

ZOLLSCH1/4X1   Zollschraube

ZOLLSCH1/2X3/4              Zollschraube

ZOLLSCH1/2X2   Hex. inch bolt

ZOLLSCH1/2x1 1/4/933  S-Tick

ZOLLSCH5/1/2x11/2/933               Hex. inch bolt

ZOLLSCH1/2X1/2/12.9/DIN912   Zollschraube

ZOLLSCH1/2X2 3/4DIN931            Hex. inch bolt

ZOLLSCH1/2X3 1/4DIN931            Zollschraube verz.

ZINKSPRAY         Zinc spray

ZEREINZWELLE  Single shaft shredder unit

ZENTRIERWINKEL250X160MM   HD-double hose

ZENTRIERWINKEL150X130MM   HD-double hose

ZENTIERBOHRER8x80MM             Center drill bit

ZENTIERIBOHRER8x100MM         Center drill bit

ZENTRALSCHMIERANLAGEBRECHERPC1060          Central lubrication system

ZEITSCHALTUHRWEB24V              Time switch


ZANGENSETWIHA            set of grippers

ZAHNSTANGE10T             Control shaft

HYPZRSNP3/55RD            Zahnradpumpe Rechtsdrehend

HYPZRPUMP3X Triple gear pump

HYMZRPUMP    Gear pump

HYMZRPUMP25 Gear pump

HYMZRPUMP14 Gear pump

HYMZR3040WKA              Gear motor f. water cooler drive

HYMZR3339210025          Gear motor COMMERCIAL

RRV03.800.010C                Zahnrad für Vibrogetriebe für alle Typen

MOTD04224031                Sprocket

KUPREP113/0551666      Toothed ring

KUPREP113/0540771      Toothed ring

KUPSP211/6931T              Ring driving/Sprocket

HYWAYSTÜCK    Waterstop 1/2"

HYM42L                Swivel nut

HYM26L                Swivel nut

HYM12S               Swivel nut

HYM15L                Swivel nut

HYM14S               Swivel nut

RECHNETIKET     Stickers f. invoice

ÜBERGANGSROHR          Übergangsrohr

ÜBERGANGSROHR          Übergangsrohr

F640-30-09-00-00             Conveyor belt


HYDWARMETAUSCH      Heat exchanger oil

WARMETAUSCH73KW   Heat exchanger

WARMETAUSCH14,8KW               Heat exchanger

WSCHRSCHLHT9               Wärmeschrumpfschlauch

WSCHRSCHLHT8               Wärmeschrumpfschlauch

WSCHRSCHLHT5               Wärmeschrumpfschlauch

WSCHRSCHLHT4               Wärmeschrumpfschlauch

WSCHRSCHLHT10             Wärmeschrumpfschlauch

WSHRMPFSCHLBOXSW9,5-4,8MM           Heat shrink hose

WSHRMPFSCHLBOXSW6,4-3,2MMROT  Heat shrink hose

WSHRMPFSCHLBOXSW6,4-3,2MM           Heat shrink hose

WSHRMPFSCHLBOXSW4,8-2,4MM           Heat shrink hose

WSHRMPFSCHLBOXSW25,4-12,7MM      Heat shrink hose

WSHRMPFSCHLBOXSW19,00-9,5MM      Heat shrink hose

WSHRMPFSCHLBOXSW12,7-6,4MM        Heat shrink hose

KUPKPTO19/POS56         Roller bearing

KUPKPTO19/POS5           Roller bearing

Würfel Fichtenholz 2       Pine wood cube


VG04.06.00.00D                Balancing weight f. vibrogear

SIV2446/1520/22/5          V-Screen SPI

SIV1846/1520/40/8          V-Screen SPI

KARTON305/215/200      Folding cardboard box

KARTON195/145/100      Folding cardboard box

KARTON775/375/375      Folding cardboard box

KARTON385/385/290      Folding cardboard box

KARTON1185/785/675   Folding cardboard box

FEDERVORSTD06              Spring cotter galv.

FEDERVORSTD02              Spring cotter galv.

VORSCHLAGHAMMER8KGDIN1042          Vorschlaghammer 8kg

LAGVORSATZÖKO60-5   Additional bearing and sleeve

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENPCJ970.04           Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPCJ0970.95    Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPCJ0970.19    Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPC970.65        Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPC970.64        Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPC970 (Fa. HEFRA)      Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPC970.15        Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENPCJ970.03           Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPC970.03        Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPCJ970.06      Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPC970.06        Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPCJ970.02      Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBJPC0970.28    Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPC970.28        Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPC970.95        Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPC0970.21      Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPC0970.11      Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENPC0970.94          Costs of device

VORRICHTUNGSKOSTENSBPCJ0970.15    Costs of device

SCHLOßZYL         Lock cylinder

SCHLOßZYL         Lock cylinder

MT04P.132.01.00B           Front cover of v-belt cover PC1270

WOERWAGREINIGUNGDES         Cleaning thinner


HÄRTERFARBLOS              Hardener

EXPOIDGRUNDW620      primer

MOTIV504017427             V-Clamp IV

MOTIV504031827             Clamp V-Type stainless steel

WINKELSTAHL35x35x4   Winkelstahl

STWI120/80/10 Angle steel

STWI80/80/8      Angle steel

Winkelstahl 70x70x6m   Angle steel

Winkelstahl 60x60x6m   Angle steel

WINKELSTAHL60X60X3MM          Angle steel

Winkelstahl 60x40x5m   Angle steel

STWI35/35/4      Angle steel

Winkelstahl 35x35x3m   Angle steel

Winkelstahl 30x30x4m   Angle steel

Winkelstahl 30x30x3m   Angle steel

Winkelstahl 25x25x3m   Angle steel 

STWI20/20/2      Angle steel

STWI100X100X8MM       Angle steel

HYWH22LR          Pivoting threaded pipe angle 22LR

HYWH22LRKDF  Pivoting threaded pipe angle 22LR

HYWH18LRKDF  Pivoting threaded pipe angle 18LR

WINKELSCHLEIF230         Angle grinder 230V/2000W

WINKELSCHLEIF125         Angle grinder

WINKELMESSER150/200                Winkelmesser Teilbg.

WINKELMESSER Angle gauge 120x150mm

HYGETEC2090    Angled gear

WINKELGELENK35           Angle joint 35mm

HYBFW16PLLK35               Elbow flange coupling

MOTC7CA1917805           Winkeleinschrauber Motor


WINKAN14         Winkelanschluß 14

WINKAN10         Winkelanschluß 10

HYW38PS             Ring bite fitt./t. to t. union elbow

HYW22PL             Ring bite fitt./t. to t. union elbow

HYWSV14S          Ring bite fitt./t. to t. bulkhead elbow

HYWAWINK90G3/4         Angle piece 3/4" 90°

WINDEISEN6      Spiral bit

WINDEISEN4      Spiral bit

WINDABWEIS    Wind deflector

QUADRATSTAHL070        Vierkant 70mm

QUADRATSTAHL055        Vierkant 55mm

QUADRATSTAHL030        Vierkant 30mm

QUADRATSTAHL0130     Vierkant 130mm

F10-16-1014        Quadruple bank control valve

EWS120OHM     Wiederstand 120 Ohm

NTO3B.22.04.00D             VIBRORINNE TRICHTER

PC0970.132.00.00             Vibropanel

F540-55-09          Vibrating grid bottom deck cross member

VIB-GE/JR406    Exciter for vibrating gear

BGVG04.00.00.00B          VIBROGETRIEBE

E80005245           Control-unit f. vibro

VIBROAN             Vibro on

60032    Vibrating grid

60031    Vibrating grid

SCHRUPPFRÄSERNTR-SS20/30°  End milling cutter 12 mm

SCHAFTFRÄSER12MM    End milling cutter 12 mm

SCHAFTFRÄSER8MM      End milling cutter 8 mm

SCHAFTFRÄSER6MM      End milling cutter 6 mm

SCHAFTFRÄSER5MM      End milling cutter 5 mm

SCHAFTFRÄSER4MM      End milling cutter 4 mm

VHM-HPC-Bohrer DIN6535 18,00mm       VHM-HPC-Bohrer

VHMHPCDIN6535/17,50MM       VHM-HPC-Bohrer

VHMHPCDIN6535/14,00MM       VHM-HPC-Bohrer

VHMBO5             VHM Spiralbohrer

E9982000             Delay module

VERTEILERGETRIEBESAE2OHNEKUPPLUNG           Split box without clutch

VERTEILERGETRIEBESAE1OHNEKUPPLUNG           Split box without clutch

PC0970.12.00.99               Verstärkungszylinder Fettspannzylinder PC1

VERSTÄRKERLÖSUNGCONTISECURKALTVERBINDERSCHWARZ      Verstärkerlösung RE für Conti Secur Kalt-Verbinder Schwarz

MOTIV8015133 Ventilation fitting

MOTCT0307935                 Connector

KRSTOFFLEITVERSCHR12               Fastening f. fuel line 12L

KRSTOFFLEITVERSCHR15               Fastening f. fuel line 15L

HYDSVW42-PLR Fitting

HYDSVW20-PSR Fitting


MOTYANVERSCHMUTZANZ         Contamination indicator YANMAR engine

E1013980             Locking screw

HYROV28L           Ring bite fitt. blanking f. tube end

HYROV15L           Ring bite fitt. blanking f. tube end

HYBUZ8L              Ring bite fitt. blanking

HYBUZ42L            Ring bite fitt. blanking

HYBUZ26L            Ring bite fitt. blanking

HYBUZ22L            Ring bite fitt. blanking

HYBUZ20L            Ring bite fitt. blanking

HYBUZ18L            Ring bite fitt. blanking

HYBUZ15L            Ring bite fitt. blanking

HYBUZ12L            Ring bite fitt. blanking

HYVERSCHLSTOPFEN1"VERZ       Verschlussstopfen 1" verz.

E1014031             Blind screws for conn., brass/nickel-plated

HYVKA22L           Conical fitting

HYVKA16S           Conical fitting

HYVKA14             Conical fitting

HYVERSCHL3/4"                End cap 3/4" galv.

HYVERSCHL2"    Verschlusskappe 2" verzinkt (Innengewinde)

HYVERSCHL11/2"              Verschlusskappe 1 1/2" verzinkt (Innengewinde)

VH13R   Verschlusshülse 13mm, aufgerauht

VERSCHLUSSHÜLSE13    Closing clip for packaging strap

HYVVSTI2"          RBF/plug-blanking

HYVSTIM42X2ED              RBF/plug-blanking

HYVSTIR26x1,5ED             RBF/plug-blanking

HYVSTIM24X1,5 RBF/plug-blanking

HYVSTIM22x1,5ED           RBF/plug-blanking

HYVSTIR18X1,5ED            RBF/plug-blanking

HYVSTIM14X1,5ED           RBF/plug-blanking

HYVSTI5/16UNF RBF/plug-blanking

HYVSTI3/4-UNF RBF/plug-blanking

HYVSTI1/4"NPT RBF/plug-blanking

KUP17KSI/POS13             End bolt f.







H203.900SEITENWUT      Wear plate set f. side wall lower sect. 203PC

H203.900SEITENTÜR       Wear plate set f. side door 203PC

H203.900SEITENWOT      Wear plate set f. side wall upper sect. 203PC

PR405.70.35.00B               Wear plate set f. 405PC Grizzly

H203.900.000APOS9        Wear plate p9

H203.900.000APOS8        Wear plate 203PC p8

H203.900.000APOS10     Wear plate 203PC p10

504B.01.120.00CaP1        Wear plate PC1265J p1

I1060.01.00.86   Wear Plate PC1060I p86

I1060.01.00.85   Wear Plate PC1060I p85

I1060.01.00.84   Wear Plate PC1060I p84

I1060.01.00.83   Wear Plate PC1060I p83

I1060.01.00.82   Wear Plate PC1060I p82

F12-22-1900        Wear bar

F12-22-1700        Wear bar

VERSCHLGRIZZLY              Wear plate

H304.17.00.00BaP9          Wear plate crusher lower sect. 204L p9

H304.17.00.00BaP8          Wear plate crusher lower sect. 204L p8

H304.17.00.00BaP7          Wear plate crusher lower sect. 204L p7

H304.17.00.00BaP6          Wear plate crusher lower sect. 204L p6

H304.17.00.00BaP5          Wear plate crusher lower sect. 204L p5

H304.17.00.00BaP4          Wear plate crusher lower sect. 204L p4

H304.17.00.00BaP3          Wear plate crusher lower sect. 204L p3

H304.17.00.00BaP2          Wear plate crusher lower sect. 204L p2

H304.17.00.00BaP10        Wear plate crusher lower sect. 204L p10

H304.17.00.00BaP1          Wear plate crusher lower sect. 204L p1

PR405.20.20.05C               Wear plate set hopper 405PC right

PR405.20.20.04C               Wear plate hopper 405PC right

PR405.20.20.03C               Wear plate hopper 405PC right

PR405.20.20.02C               Wear plate hopper 405PC right

PR405.20.20.01C               Wear plate hopper 405PC right

PR405.20.19.05C               Wear plate hopper 405PC left

PR405.20.19.04C               Wear plate hopper 405PC left

PR405.20.19.03C               Wear plate hopper 405PC left

PR405.20.19.02C               Wear plate hopper 405PC left

PR405.20.19.01C               Wear plate hopper 405PC left

H102.15.00.00c p9           Wear plate PC502 p9

H102.14.00.00c p9           Wear plate PC502 p9

H102.15.00.00c p8           Wear plate PC502 p8

H102.14.00.00c p8           Wear plate PC502 p8

H102.15.00.00c p7           Wear plate PC502 p7

H102.14.00.00c p7           Wear plate PC502 p7

H102.15.00.00c p6           Wear plate PC502 p6

H102.15.00.00c p6           Wear plate PC502 p6

H102.14.00.00c p6           Wear plate PC502 p6

H102.15.00.00c p5           Wear plate PC502 p5

H102.14.00.00c p5           Wear plate PC502 p5

H102.15.00.00c p4           Wear plate PC502 p4

H102.14.00.00c p4           Wear plate PC502 p4

H102.15.00.00c p3           Wear plate PC502 p3

H102.14.00.00c p3           Wear plate PC502 p3

H102.15.00.00c p2           Wear plate PC502 p2

H102.14.00.00c p2           Wear plate PC502 p2

H102.14.00.00c p13        Wear plate PC502 p13

H102.14.00.00CP12          Wear plate PC502 p12

H102.15.00.00c p11        Wear plate PC502 p11

H102.14.00.00CP11          Wear plate PC502 p11

H102.15.00.00c p10        Wear plate PC502 p10

H102.14.00.00CP10          Wear plate PC502 p10

H102.15.00.00c p1           Wear plate PC502 p1

H102.13.00.00CaP9          Verschleissplatte 502PC Pos. 9

H102.13.00.00CaP8          Wear plate PC502 p8

H102.13.00.00CP7            Wear plate PC502 p7

H102.13.00.00CP6            Wear plate PC502 p6

H102.13.00.00CP5            Wear plate PC502 p5

H102.13.00.00CaP4          Wear plate PC502 p3

H102.13.00.00CP3            Verschleissplatte 502PC Pos. 3

H102.13.00.00CP2            Wear plate PC502 p2

H102.13.00.00CP1            Wear plate 502PC Pos.1

MT02P.22.00.00P3           Wear plate 502PC p3

MT02P.22.00.00P2           Wear plate 502PC p2

MT02P.22.00.00P1R        Wear plate 502PC p1r

MT02P.22.00.00P1L         Wear plate 502PC p1l

PR405.70.35.00B/4R        Wear plate 405PC Grizzly p4r

PR405.70.35.00B/4L         Wear plate 405PC Grizzly p4l

PR405.70.35.00B/3R        Wear plate 405PC Grizzly p3r

PR405.70.35.00B/3L         Wear plate 405PC Grizzly p3l

PR405.70.35.00B/2R        Wear plate 405PC Grizzly p2r

PR405.70.35.00B/2L         Wear plate 405PC Grizzly p2l

PR405.70.35.00B/1R        Wear plate 405PC Grizzly p1r

PR405.70.35.00B/1L         Wear plate 405PC Grizzly p1l

405N.022.06.00CR            Wear wedge steel f. swing beam PC1375I

BB126.293.00.00Da          Wear plate 29 left bottom

BB1170.29.00.00               Wear plate 28

BB1170.28.00.00               Wear plate 28




HPC5.900.000AP57          Wear plate 205PC p57

HPC5.900.000AP55          Wear plate 205PC p55

HPC4.900.029A  Wear plate 204PC p29

HPC4.900.028A  Wear plate 204PC p28

HPC4.900.027A  Wear plate 204PC p27

HPC4.900.026A  Wear plate 204PC p26

HPC4.900.025A  Wear plate 204PC p25

H203.900.000APOS7        Wear plate 203PC p7

H203.900.051A  Wear plate 203PC p51

H203.900.050A  Wear plate 203PC p50

H203.900.005     Wear plate 203PC p5

H203.900.004     Wear plate 203PC p4

H203.900.003     Wear plate 203PC p3

H203.900.023     Wear plate 203PC p23

H203.900.002     Wear plate 203PC p2

H203.900.010     Wear plate 203PC p10

H301.02.00.40E  Wear plate 203LPC

HPC2.900.026     Wear plate 202PC

HPC2.900.025     Wear plate 202PC

HPC2.900.024     Wear plate 202PC

HPC2.900.005     Wear plate 202PC

HPC2.900.004     Wear plate 202PC

HPC2.900.002     Wear plate 202PC

HPC2.900.042     Wear plate 202PC

HPC2.900.040     Wear plate 202PC

HPC2.900.020     Wear plate 202PC

HPC2.900.009     Wear plate 202PC

HPC2.900.007     Wear plate 202PC

HPC2.900.006     Wear plate 202PC

HPC2.900.003     Wear plate 202PC

BB1170.163.00.00             Wear plate 163

BB1170.162.00.00             Wear plate 162

ET05.900.042      Wear plate

ET05.900.040      Wear plate

ET05.900.005      Wear plate

ET05.900.044      Wear plate

ET05.900.041      Wear plate

GUMRS15/180/4000       Wear rubber Red

Gummi Batteriekasten PC1          Wear rubber Black

GUMRS10/70     Verschleissgummi Red

PC0970.04.48.00               Wear rubber processed

PRESSPLP534/6MM        Rubber plate

PRESSPLP534/3MM        Rubber plate

PCS1.07.38.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.23.05.00               Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.11.01.17    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.10.59.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.10.58.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.14.22.05    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.10.07.03    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.05.33.15    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.10.21.12    Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.13.35.04               Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.13.35.05               Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.11.33.03    Verschleissgummi Black

PC1310.13.76.00               Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.10.34.12    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.11.01.18    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.14.48.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.03.63.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.07.39.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.11.03.35    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.14.47.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.14.66.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.14.64.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.05.33.13    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.14.22.04    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.65.06.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.03.64.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.65.05.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.07.33.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.07.34.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.07.35.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.07.42.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.10.34.14    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.14.37.02    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.14.38.02    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.14.57.00    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.05.07.03    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.04.05.04    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.14.26.04    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.04.07.03    Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.14.07.04    Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.18.05.00               Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.18.07.00               Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.18.01.00               Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.23.03.00               Verschleissgummi Black

PCS1.05.33.11    Verschleissgummi Black

GUMBS8/476/870            Verschleissgummi Black

GUMBS8/250/740            Verschleissgummi Black

GUMBS8/220/1295         Verschleissgummi Black

PC1310.03.30.23               Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.03.30.24               Verschleissgummi Black

PC1310.03.62.00               Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.03.30.28               Verschleissgummi Black

GUMBS6/25/620              Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.03.30.27               Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.03.30.26               Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.03.30.25               Verschleissgummi Black

404BG-102.041.00            Verschleißgummi Black

PC1310.03.03.02               Verschleissgummi Black

GUMBS15/550  Wear rubber Black

PC0970.65.27.00a             Wear rubber Black

PC0970.65.29.00a             Wear rubber Black

PC0970.51.08.04               wear rubber black

GUMBS10/660/1200       Verschleissgummi Black

PC0970.65.28.00a             Wear rubber Black

PCJ0970.03.144.00           Rubber

PC1380.05.21.00               Verschleissgummi Black

PC0970.58.15.02               Wear rubber processed

PC0970.46.60.00               wear rubber black

404PG-137.53.00              wear rubber black

404PG-137.06.02              wear rubber black

404PG-137.62.03              wear rubber black

404PG-137.07.02              Verschleissgummi Black.

GUMBS10/660/1500       Wear rubber Black

PC0970.46.35.00a             Wear rubber Black

PC0970.46.36.00               Wear rubber Black

PC0970.47.34.00a             Wear rubber

PC0970.47.35.00a             Wear rubber

PC0970.28.23.00               Wear rubber processed

PC0970.47.22.02               Wear rubber

GUMBS10/135/270         Wear rubber Black

PC0970.58.21.02               Wear rubber

PC0970.58.20.02               Wear rubber

PC0970.47.20.02               Wear rubber

GUMBS10/60/388            Wear rubber Black

PC0970.14.33.00               Wear rubber processed

GUMBS10/60/420            Wear rubber Black

GUMBS8/300/LFM          Verschleissgummi Black

GUMBS8/150/LFM          Verschleissgummi Black

GUMBS8/40/1200            Wear rubber Black

404BG-231.31.00              Wear rubber Black

GUMBS06/1400/lfm       Wear rubber Black

GUMBS06/60/90              Wear rubber Black

GUMBS6/50/1915            Wear rubber Black

GUMBS6/50/150              Wear rubber Black

PC1380.03.30.12               Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.03.30.13               Verschleissgummi Black

PC1380.05.121.02             Wear rubber Black

PC4.052.21.00    Wear rubber Black

MT04P.87.00.00                Verschleissgummi

MT04P.891.00.00              Verschleissgummi

Versandkosten Shipment costs

VERPACKUNGBAND        Adhesive tape for package

VERPACKUNGBANDHPC Adhesive tape for package


Verpackung        Packing costs

VERLÄNGERUNGSROHRLUFT      Extension pipe for aircleaner

VERLÄNGKABEL Extension cable drum 230+400V

MOTIVKAB3       Extension cable for IVECO engine 3m

VerlängerungKonsoleAusgleichsbehälterlinksundrechts  Verlängerung Konsole Ausgleichsbehälter links und rechts

VERLAENGERUNGHANDHEBELFETTPRESSE           Extension for grease press

VERLÄNGERUNGVIERKANT          Extension of hand reamer




GFKWKZPC5PC6SEITELINKS         GRP cover panel

GFKWKZPC3PC4SEITELINKS         GRP cover panel



GFKWKZPC1265SCHWUNGRADABDECKUNG       Werkzeugkosten für GFK Abdeckung (Schwungradabdeckung PC1265J)

GFKWKZPC6SCHWUNGRADABDECKUNG2             Werkzeugkosten für GFK Abdeckung (Schwungradabdeckung 2 PC6)

GFKWKZPC6SCHWUNGRADABDECKUNG1             Werkzeugkosten für GFK Abdeckung (Schwungradabdeckung 1 PC6)



GFKWKZGPC5PC6ECKE2 Werkzeugkosten für GFK Abdeckung (Ecke 2 hinter Motordeckel PC5/6)

GFKWKZGPC3PC4ECKE2 Werkzeugkosten für GFK Abdeckung (Ecke 2 hinter Motordeckel PC3/4)

GFKWKZGPC5PC6ECKE1 Werkzeugkosten für GFK Abdeckung (Ecke 1 hinter Motordeckel PC5/6)

GFKWKZGPC3PC4ECKE1 Werkzeugkosten für GFK Abdeckung (Ecke 1 hinter Motordeckel PC3/4)

Werkzeugkoffer First aid bag

WERKZEUGHALTERPFERD            Tool holder horse

WERKZEUGBEDARF         Werkzeug-Bedarf

WERKZEUGWÜRTH         Tools in general

WERKSTATTWAGENSUPERTANK Tool trolley super tank beta

STAHLLINEALGG1            Werkstatt-Stahllineal Preisser









WERKSTATTFEILEBASTARD300MM           Hand flat file

WERKSTATTFEILEDREIKANT300MM         Triangular file

WERKSTATTÖL  Drilling- and cutting oil

HYKK48965HOUSING      Housing f. cooler

VERGRÖSSERUNG3/4"   Drillbit keyhole saw

VERDÜNNUNGZUW478RAL9011                THINNER

VERDRAHTUNGSZANGE Verdrahtungszange Knipex

E9989020             Cable duct

6001507030B      Cable duct

HYT06PL               Ring bite fitt./tube to tube

HYT28PL               Ring bite fitt./tube to tube

HYT14PS               Ring bite fitt./tube to tube

HYT12PS               Ring bite fitt./tube to tube

HYT10PL               Ring bite fitt./tube to tube

SCHLAUCHVERBMESS38MM       Brass connector piece

SCHLAUCHVERBMESS19MM       Brass connector piece

SCHLAUCHVERBMESS6MM         Brass connector piece

SCHLAUCHVERGARDENA              Brass connector piece

E4044460             Connector

E4044450             Connector

VSKM16/6334    Verbindungsmutter Sechskant

VERBFLANSCH   Connecting flange

EX44-XC044        Slider plate

HYDRUCKSCHDS507VENT             Ventilstecker für

HYVENTPLA41ADU          Valve plate

HYVENTDHU24/G/MP/R               Valve combination ATOS incl. mounting plate

HYVENTDHU24/G/MP   Valve combination

MOTCT9Y4580   Valve cover seal

HYWEGEVENTTG4V-5    Vibro block

EX44-HV3035     Lube control block

HYWEGEFERNBVIB          Valve block f. vibro remote-control

HYVENTBLOCKDB12        Valve block

EX44-HV3034     Clamp block "B" for cone crusher

EX44-HV3033     Clamp block "A" for cone crusher

WENDESCHNEIDPLATTE20           Wendeschneidplatten zum Stechen Böhlerit

WENDESCHNEIDPLATTE17           Wendeschneidplatten zum Stechen Böhlerit

WENDESCHNEIDPLATTE15           Wendeschneidplatten zum Stechen Böhlerit

WENDESCHNEIDPLATTE12           Wendeschneidplatten zum Stechen Böhlerit

WENDESCHNEIDPLATTELW610   Wendeschneidplatten zum Stechen Böhlerit

WENDESCHNEIDPLATTELC215K  Wendeschneidplatten Böhlerit

WELLROHR          Wellrohr

LAGKM40            Shaft nut

LAGKM40            Shaft nut

LAGKM22            Shaft nut

LAGKM19            Shaft nut

LAGKM16            Shaft nut

LAGKM12            Shaft nut

LAGHM3052       Shaft nut

EX44-XC010        Shaft nut

WDRKSDF19/20 Seal ring

WDRKSDF19/15 Seal ring

MOTCT1192921                 Seal WDR for crankshaft

DIN3760               Wellendichtring

WDR80/110/13  Seal ring

WDR30/40/7NBR              Seal ring

WDR230/200/15-VITON Seal ring

WDR170/145/12               Seal ring

WDR150/180/15               Seal ring

WDR130/80/10  Seal ring

WDR130/155/15               Seal ring

WDR130/100/12               Seal ring

WDR120/160/12               Seal ring

WDR120/150/12               Seal ring

WDR95/125/13  Seal ring

WDR95/120/12  Seal ring

WDR75/110/12  Seal ring

WDR60/85/10    Seal ring

WDR60/85/10.   Seal ring

WDR60/85/10/08             Seal ring

WDR60/80/7/6  Seal ring

WDR54/40/06    Seal ring

WDR35/52/6/6,5              Seal ring

WDR32/55/09/10             Seal ring

WDR32/55/08/10             Seal ring

LWWELLE1055POS.2       Shaft PC1055J

S46-5138-06-41-0             Shaft

F15-25-0001        Shaft

5202-06-26-1-P5               Shaft for Drive drum 870mm +flange

KUPMPD14WELLE            Shaft flange

KUPREP113/553560         Shaft

KUPSP211/A6691AC       Shaft


MT03B.52.04.01D             Shaft f. drive drum 503BBV

5137-13-25-1-P5               Shaft

PR405.41.30.01B               Shaft

F540-30-07          Shaft

F540-30-04          Shaft

EFZGKLEMME6MMGRAU             clamp

EFZGKLEMME6MMBLAU              clamp

HYWEGEVENT8REP         Rep. kit directional valve block

HYWEGESF08     Directional control valve

HYVENTGR2-1-3/8-G24 Dir. control valve

HYWEGE              Wegeventil

WAPU Düse        Veejet-nozzle

MOTCCA3E3368                WEDGE

HYVENTVSF-12S               2-way valve

HYVENTWVT12L               2-way valve 12L galv.

WECHSELKLINGE4MM   Socket wrench bit 1/2"



WDHDD160GBIDE2,5" WD1600BEVE        WD HDD

WASSERWAAGEALU       Air lever

WASSERTEMPSCHALT    Water temperature switch

WASSERTEMPGEB502    Water temperature sensor

WASSERTEMPANZ           Water temperature gauge

HYWASTOPWASS3/4      Waterstop 1/2"

HYWASTOPWASS1/2      Waterstop 1/2"

F14-05-0151        coolant level sensor

WASSERSCHLAUCHSET350           Waterhose set f. cooler water heating

HYWASCHL25/4.5             Wasserschlauch

HYWASCHL38/6 Water hose Multi Purpose

HYWASCHL25/5 Water hose Multi Purpose

HYWASCHL16/4 Water hose Multi Purpose

HYWASCHL38/5 Water hose

HYWASCHLEPDM20/35  Water hose

HYWAWASCHL1/2           Water hose 1/2"

HYWAWASCHL3/4           Water hose 3/4"


WAPUZANGE400MM     Wasserpumpenzange brüniert 400mm

MOTCT/0R0705 Waterpump for C10 engine

MOTCT/0R1011 Waterpump

EWASSERPUMPE12V      Electrical water pump 7L/min 24V

EX44-HP2004      Water pump

EWASSERPUMPE24V      Electrical water pump


EX44-EN1404      water trap filter

MOTC11740893126          Waterseperationfilter for

F15-23-0175        Watertrap complete

F15-23-0001        Watertrap complete

F15-30-0177        Watertrap gasket set

F15-23-0002        Watertrap gasket set

MOTC111779778              Waterseperationfilter

MOTC112129580              Watertrap filter complete

F15-30-0126        Watertrap replacement filter with 0-seal

F15-30-0176        Watertrap replacement filter

LACKVERDWASCH           Cleansing thinner

WARTUNGFRL-200 1/2" Service unit

WARNU906        Warntafel Zutritt verboten

WARNU412        Warntafel Notausgang

WARNU922        Warntafel mit Hubwagen rollen verboten

WARNULAG       Warntafel Lagerung verboten

WARNUFLU        Warntafel Fluchtweg unten

WARNU402        Warntafel Fluchtweg rechtsweisend

WARNU406        Warntafel Fluchtweg nach unten rechtsweisend

WARNU403        Warntafel Fluchtweg nach oben linksweisend

WARNU401        Warntafel Fluchtweg linksweisend

WARNUFEUER  Warntafel Feuer, offenes Licht

WARNU203        Warntafel Brandschutz Feuerlöscher

WARNU1301U1303         Warntafel Augenschutz Gehörschutz

MOTIV8019581 Signal contact f. water single-point

F570-20-15-001 V-scraper rubber

F570-25-05001   V-Scraper rubber

MT03B.93.12.00D             Belt scraper complete

U-STAHL160       U-Stahl

U-STAHL120       U-Stahl

USITRINGUSS827G3/4" USIT-Ring Zentriert

USITRINGSCPP-DG1/2"  USIT-Ring Zentriert

LWUSITRING38,89X42,8X3,40     USIT-Ring


EMODULBRECHERREGELUNG     U-Ref. Modul Brecherregelung

KUPKPTO19/POS127      shim ring set

LWUNTERLEGSCHEIBE1055POS.5              Washer PC1055J

EX44XC013          for above

HOLZ BUCHE2M12/12    Unterlageholz Hartholz Buche

HOLZ BUCHE1M12/12    Unterlageholz Hartholz Buche

HOLZFICHTE1M12/12     Unterlageholz Fichte

HOLZFICHTE1M12/12     Unterlageholz Fichte


.               Water inlet hose

F540-10-61         Bottom deck rubber

UNTERBRECHER10A        Unterbrecher Kippschalter

UNTERBRECHER10A        Breaker

UNIVERSALSCHRANK      Universalschrank




GELENKLEITER4X4            Jointed ladder

ABZIEHERUNI    Spiral bit

GEWINDEFEILEM5-M27 Universal Gewindefeile

UNI-MISCHER100/600    Uni-Mischer

KUEHLWASSERUMWALZ              Circulation pump f. coolant

WASSERUMWALZBEBRAUS         Circulation pump f. sprinkler

KUEHLWASSERUMWALZ              Circulation pump

EDVUMSCHRELAISTRAVELCONTROL        Umschaltrelais inkl. Relaissockel f. Travel Control

X100016               Shifter f. forw.-backw.

X100017               Shifter f. fast-slow

UMLENK1/92     Reversing shaft 1501mm

5091-07-00-0      Reversing drum Ø270mm

MT04B.85.07.00D             Reversing drum with shaft side conveyor

F19-60-0018        Side conveyor reversing drum HCS

F19-60-0009        Side conveyor reversing drum HCS

F570-35-09-00    Side conveyor tail drum

MT04B.05.07.00D             Reversing drum with shaft 404 BBV

MAGNETUMLENKCP20  Non-Drive Pulley for

UMLENKTROMMELKOMPLETTPC1380    Reversing drum complete with holders fior PC1380

F540-25-06-00    Reversing drum complete HCS

MAGNETUMLENKTRPCB               Drive Drum for PCB Overband Magnet

F19-60-0015        Reversing drum feed conveyor HCS

F19-60-0012        Reversing drum feed conveyor HCS

F19-60-0006        Reversing drum main conveyor HCS

F19-60-0003        Reversing drum fines conveyor HCS

FTR404U-1000   Reversing drum 1000mm

FTR403U-800      Reversing drum 800mm

F10-16-6103        Diverter valve

X100023               Umbrellaholder

UMBAURADIKOP6/8      Conversion kit f. radial piston pump

MT03P.40.021.Z30-UMBAU         Zig-zag grate conversion kit f. 30mm

URGENZ               Urgent reminder

F12-45-0111        Lockable door lock

MT03P.30.03.10Ce           Door f. motor housing

MT03P.031.02.11              Door of air cooler 1055

PCJ0970.13.54.00              door complete

PCJ0970.13.53.00              door complete

EAEHT6mm GB  Twin Aderendhülse

EAEHT4/GR         Twin Aderendhülse

EAEHT2,5/10SW                Twin Aderendhülse

EAEHT1,/8RT      Twin Aderendhülse

EAEHT1,5/8SW  Twin Aderendhülse

EAEHT1,5/8         Twin Aderendhülse

MOTIV8034618 Turbo charger

MOTCT2480323                 Turbo

TULLENGEHÄUSE             Box with pin insert

F340-10-10-0023               MFM 3/4" Tee

HYWATSTK90G3/4           T-junction 3/4" 90°

TRÄGER VERZINKT           Träger verzinkt

HYMZRTRAPUMP14        Gear pump mounting

PC0970.45.08.00               cross beam cover

EDVTRUSTMIKROFONMC-3200USB          Trust Mikrofon (Standmikrofon)

EDVTRUSTHEADSETHS-2400        Trust Headset

EDVTRUSTHEADSETHS-1100P     Trust Headset

TROM500/1100/15KW   Drum drive motor

TROM400/1100/11KW   Drum drive motor

TROM320/900/5,5KW    Drum drive motor

TROM320/800/5,5KW    Drum drive motor

TROM320/750/5,5KW    Drum drive motor

TROM320/750/4KW        Drum drive motor

TROM315/900/7,5KW    Drum drive motor

TROM315/7,5KW             Drum drive motor

TROM315/900/5,5KW    Drum drive motor

TROM315/900/4KW        Drum drive motor

TROM315/750/4KW        Drum drive motor

TROM315/4KW Drum drive motor

TROM315/1100/2,2KW  Drum drive motor

TROM215/750/4KW        Drum drive motor

PC0970.86.04.51               Trommel Schweissteil

TRIPLOKHDETL11440       Triple-lok fitting

TRIPLOKVERSCHRAUBUNG          Triple-lok fitting

TRIPLOKVERSCHRCCP    Triple-lok fitting

TRENNSCHEIBE KLEIN     Cutting disk f. steel 125mm

TRENNSCHEIBE GROß     Cutting disc f. steel 230mm

TRENNSCHEIBEPFERD6,0              Cutting disc f. steel

TRENNSCHEIBEPFERD    Cutting disc f. steel

TRENNSCHEIBEPFERDA60             Cutting disc f. steel

TRENNSCHEIBE DÜNN    Cutting disk f. steel 125mm

EX44-XC008        Buring ring

EX44-XC083        Buring ring


TREIBRIEGSCHLAUF10MM           Treibriegel Stangenschlaufe 10mm

HYTR20/12/20PS               T-reduction

HYTR20/12/20PL               T-reduction

TRANSPORTROLLERASTARR        Fixed transporter

TRANSPORTROLLERABEWEG      Flexibed transporter

ESCHUTZKAPPEZBP0      Transparente Schutzkappe

TRAFO1000VA   Transformer

FERNSTTRAGTASCHE      Remote control transmitter battery

TSCHIENEMUTTMB2/M8              Nut for standard fastening rail

TSCHIENEMUTTMB1/M6              Nut for standard fastening rail

TSCHIENETS2/28X14       Standard fastening rail

F19-22-0650-60 Tragrollen Set 60°

F19-22-0650-40 Tragrollen Set 40°

F19-04-1310        Plain return roller

F19-04-1160        Plain return roller

F19-01-0420        Center roller

F19-05-0750        Disc return roller

F19-05-0900        Disc return roller

F19-04-0900        Disc return roller

F19-05-0750        Disc return roller

EX44-CR1030      Disc return roller main conveyor

ROLTR133/1400SW22AD3             Support roller

ROLTR108-1408 Support roller

ROLTR108-958   Support roller

ROLTR108-608   Support roller

F19-22-1050-40deg          Tragrolle

ROLTR89/1150ST8            Support roller

ROLTR89/1150ST11          Support roller

ROLTR89/800     Tragrolle

ROLTR89-538      Support roller

ROLTR89/465     Support roller

TRAGROLLA2     Support roller

ROLTR89-323      Support roller

ROLTR89/200     Tragrolle

ROLTR89/165     Support roller

ROLTR63/756     Support roller

ROLTR63/750ST8              Support roller

ROLLER160X50   Support roller

ROLLER125X50   Support roller

TRAGRAHMENRAL9010 Tragrahmen inkl. Kunststoffstopfen Sonderfarbe

F14-05-0090        Oil pressure gauge

T-PROFILRAHMEN           T-profil frame

TORX2NUSSBOX9TLG/TX20-60   Torx 2 Nuss-Box

PUTZPAPIER3LAGIG        Cleaning tissue

SKM10/985/8.8 Square bolt

F570-35-20          Top sec RAM MTO

TOILETTENPAPIER            Toilettenpapier

BB126.18.00.MOD            Toggelbett Adapter

BB0970.206.001.00           Toggelbett

BB1170.15.00.00               Toggelbett

BB15.15.00.02D190          Toggle plate

TISCHWAGEN500             Table Trolley

TISCHWAGEN250             Table Trolley

TIEFENMESSSCHIEBER   Tiefenmessschieber Preisser rostfrei

HYLKT4THERMO               Thermostat f. oilcooler



HYKTHERMOSTC2000     Thermostat f. Hydr. oil

THERMOHYDROEL90C    Thermostat f. hydr. oil/cool. water




THERMOWASÖLHEIZ70 Thermostat f. hydr. oil/cool. water

THERMOHYDROEL60C    Thermostat f. hydr. oil/cool. water

THERMOWASÖLHEIZÖFF              Thermostat f. hydr. oil/cool. water opener 40°C

THERMOWASÖLHEIZ      Thermostat 40°C f. hydr. oil/cool. water


THERMOPLASTFGELB084              Thermoplast

TB3/4    Thermo Bypass

TEXTMARKER70ROT        Textmarker rot

TEXTMARKER70GRÜN   Textmarker grün

TEXTMARKER70BLAU     Textmarker blau

ELTESTSETELEKTROSCHRANKPC1375I      Testset für Umbau Elektroschrank PC1375 I (Telemecanique)

TESATRANSPARANT        Verpackungsmaterial

TESABRAUN       Verpackungsmaterial

KLEBEBANDSCHWARZ    tesa power tape black

KLEBEBANDGRAU            tesa power tape grey

PC1060/E9906002             terminal board


MOTCT1309811                 Cooler water level sensor

EX44-EL3510       Temperature sensor

EX44-HG1002     Temperature gauge glas

E9170477             Temperature switch

E9170473             Temperature switch

E9175010             Temperature switch

MOTCT2477133                 Temperature regulator

TEMPERATURGEBER       Temperature sensor

HEIZWEB350FUEHLER     Temperature sensor

HEIZWEB350BEGR            Temperature limiter

E86120051           Temperature sensor

FEDER08,2           Spring washer

WASCHGERÄT   Spiral bit

SILIKONENTFERNER        Techno Silikonentferner

MOTCTC9TAUSCHSTART               Engine starter rebuild

MOTCTC11TAUSCHSTART            Engine starter rebuild

1100205                Print with 1 push-buttons left

E9003514             Push-button white with arrow, new version

EZB4BA334          push-button white with arrow

E9003508             Push-button red, new version

TASTERROTSET  Set of push-button red

ETASTERROTBEL               Push button red illuminated

EZB4BW343        push-button red illuminated

EZB4BA4              Taster rot

E9003506             Push-button green, new version

EZB4BW333        push-button green illuminated

EZB4BA3              push-button green

E9003518             Push-button red illuminated, new version

E9003516             Push-button green illuminated, new version

E9003100             Push-button green illuminated, metal

TASCHENRECHNER          technical calculator

TASCHENMESSERSCHIEBER         Slide of pocket knife


FILTERINOFILBASICF5/592X592X600MM                Taschenfilter Inofil Basic

FILTERINOFILBASICF5/592X287X600MM                Taschenfilter Inofil Basic

FILTERINOFILBASICF5/287X592X600MM                Taschenfilter Inofil Basic




FILTEREXPROTECTF5/592X592X600MM  Taschenfilter Exprotect

F13-04-7665        Drum shaft taperlock

EX44-BT5017      Taperlock bush

KRSTL4040/100  Taperlock bush

KRSTL4040/75    Taperlock bush

KRSTL3535/90    Taperlock bush

F13-04-7660        Taperlock

KRSTL2517/60    Taperlock bush

KRSTL2517/50    Taperlock

F13-04-7540        Taperlock

F13-04-7535        Taperlock

F13-04-7530        Taperlock

EX44-BT5020      Taperlock bush

EX44-BT5003      Taperlock bush

EX44-BT5035      Taperlock bush

EX44-BT5034      Taperlock bush

TAPERBUCHSE   tesa power tape black

CCPMOTDECKVENTSTUTZ            Cover with pop-off valve

E              Tankgeber

E9170030             Fuel sensor

E9170020             Fuel sensor

E9170100             Weld mounted tank flange

TANKFLANSCH  Flange for tank sensor

EX44-EN1609      Diesel cap with key

F768036                Diesel cap

F10-22-4002        Diesel cap

E86310021           Fuel gauge


TANKLUFTHEIZKOMP     Tank f. air-heating complete

KM03B.00.04.01Bb          Tank

TADAPTERG1/2"               T-adapter

404PG.140.00.00               Pillar jib crane 500kg

SCHWENKKRAN250         Pillar jib crane 500kg


SÄGEBLÄTTERSÄGEJEPS90Z         Saw-blades 90 teeth

SÄGEBLÄTTERSÄGEJEPS72Z         Saw-blades 72 teeth

SAEGEBAND/5-7              Bearing

SAEGEBAND/4-6              band of saw

FERNSTSYNTHTXN           Synthesizer

FERNSTSYNTHRXN           Synthesizer

SYLOMER S 720 Sylomer

SYLOMER S 720/12           Sylomer



5124-00-00-0      SUPERSCREENTRACK 12X5

MOTCT9S4185   Plug

5138-06-07-4      Support

STÜTZTELLERGT125         Supported disk

F000-90-40-001 Pin Collar

LWSTÜTZRING1055POS.8             Supporting ring PC1055J

LWGETCTU3500/POS60 Blocking ring

LWGETCTU3500/POS55 Blocking ring

ROLTR133STR193,7          Support ring

STYROPOR          Styroporplatte

STYRODUR          Polystyrene insulation material

HYSTUTZENMS11/2         Nozzle

STUTZENFÜRPRECLEANER           Sleeve f. pre-cleaner

MT03P.031.03.38              Flange

STUFENBOHRERSATZ     Gradated drill set

STUFENBOHRER               Gradated drill bit

HYSRVQVHZO    Current regulating valve

HYSRVNG10        Proportional current regulating valve

HYMTMTVPR3ET              Flow divider


STROMMESSZANGE        ampere measure pliers

STROMDUESEM6             Nozzle

ABSOLIERZANGE              Stripper Abisolierzange

F14-05-0125        Strip Link Fuse Oil Cooler

F14-05-0130        Strip Link Fuse Main Loom

STREICHMAß     Streichmaß mit Winkelmessgerät

STREICHMASS   Marking gauge

SANDSTRAHLSCHLAUCH32X8SM-1           Strahlschlauch

STRAHLDÜSE      Strahldüse

STOSSVERBINDER            Contact connector

STOSSVERBINDER0,25-1,5MM   Contact connector

STORCHSCHNABELZANGE            Bottle nose pliers

STOPFEN5/8"     Cleaning hose plug

STOPFEN3/8"     Cleaning hose plug

STOPFEN3/4"     Cleaning hose plug

STOPFEN1/2"     Cleaning hose plug

KUPKPTO19/POS10         Connector

ESTIFTEINS16POL             16-point socket inside part

ESTIFTEINCAT16/18         16-point socket inside part

GASSTICKSTOFF Nitrogene gas cylinder large



E2160050             Control cable

STEUERLEITUNG12          Steuerleitung

STERNGRIFFMUT             Star knob nut

GURTST20/1000                STEIGBAND

LAGUCP322        Bearing-unit w. cast housing

LAGUCP209        Plummer block housing

LAGSNL518-615 Plummer block housing

LAGSNH515        Plummer block housing set

LAGSNA513-611               Plummer block housing

LAGSN522           Plummer block housing

LAGSN316           Plummer block housing

LAGP212              Plummer block housing

LAGP210              Plummer block housing

MAGNETSTEHLAG           Bearing cover for magnetic separator


STECKSCHLSATZGED       Socket wrench

STECKSCHLSATZ1/4         Steckschlüsselsatz

STECKSCHLÜSSEL3/4"60MM       Socket wrench bit

STECKSCHLÜSSEL3/4"55MM       Socket wrench bit

STECKSCHLÜSSEL3/4"50MM       Socket wrench bit

STECHSCHLÜSSELEINSATZ1/4"   Socket wrench bit

STECKSCHLÜSSEL1/41X6               Socket wrench bit

STECKSCHLÜSSEL1/40,8X5            Socket wrench bit

STECKSCHLÜSSEL1/40,6X3,5        Socket wrench bit

STECKSCHLÜSSEL1/40,6X3,5        Socket wrench bit

STECHSCHLÜSSELEINSATZ1/2"   Socket wrench bit

STECHSCHLÜSSELEINSATZ1/2"17MM      Socket wrench bit

STECHSCHLÜSSELEINSATZ1/2"13MM      Socket wrench bit

STECHSCHLÜSSELEINSATZ1/2"DL19L30MM          Socket wrench bit

STECHSCHLÜSSELEINSATZ1/2"DL19L24MM          Socket wrench bit

WPT000000207  Socket wrench bit

STECKSCHLRED3/8-1/4   Steckschlüssel Reduzierung

STECKSCHLRED3/8-1/2   Steckschlüssel Reduzierung

STECKSCHLRED3/4-1/2   Steckschlüssel Reduzierung

STECKSCHLRED3/4-1       Steckschlüssel Reduzierung

STECKSCHLRED1/4-3/8   Steckschlüssel Reduzierung

STECKSCHLRED1/2-3/8   Steckschlüssel Reduzierung

STECKSCHLRED1/2-3/4   Steckschlüssel Reduzierung

STECKSCHLRED1-3/4       Steckschlüssel Reduzierung

STEEIN3/4/46     socket key nut

HYSTECKNIPPEL Threaded hose connector

HYSTECKNIPP1/2              Threaded hose connector 1/2"

273-105GRAU    Steckklemmen

273-101GRAU    Steckklemmen

ESTECKUNTERTEIL           6-point (lower) socket part


ESTECKOBERTEIL              6-point (upper) plug part

MOTCTC9-3E6443            Cap Connector

ESTECKEREINS4POL         4-point connector plug insert

E70.310.2440.0  24-point connector plug insert

E70.310.1640.0  16-point connector plug insert

ESTECK6KOMP  Connector plug

MOTCTCA8T9834             Connecting plug

HYSTECKER18     Connector

ESTECKER16POL                Plug 16-point

STECKDOSENVERTEILERNW         Distributor of socket

KUPCF27020X90B             Locking pin

WENDESCHNEIDPLATTE20           Stechhalter Böhlerit

HYSKSTAUBGR.3              Dust plug

EX44-EL3520       Protective Dust Cap

HYSKKAPPE        Dust cap

STAUBTUCH       Staubbindetuch soft

F14-05-0040        RD-starter Motor Relay

STARTERSTANDARD        Starter standard

STARTERKEHRMASCHINe             Starter

MOTCT3054START           Starter Caterpillar

STARTRAPID       Starter spray

Starre Achse EFN2           Starre Achse

MESSERSTANKLINGEN   Stanley knife blades

MESSERSTAN     Stanley knife

STANGENZIRKEL               Stangenzirkel Preisser

MT04P.043.02.00-50B     Straight grate

MT03P.40.021.S40           Straight grate

STANDARDSCHÄCKEL     Standard Schäkel

KUPHFO314/104.535      Center plate

STAHLWINDEISENM16-42            Steel tap wrench

STAHLWINDEISENM10-27            Steel tap wrench

STAHLSEIL10       Wire rope

404PG-951.15.00              Stahlseil

404PG-951.16.00              Stahlseil

STRBGØ133x4MM90°     PIPE

STRBO51x2,6      Stahlrohrbogen

STRBO42X2,6     Stahlrohrbogen

STRBO033,7x2,6                Stahlrohrbogen

STRBO127/2/90°NIRO    Steel pipe bend

STRBO82,5X2,6  Stahlrohrbogen

STRBO88,9X4MM90°ST37             Stahlrohrbogen

STRBO135X5       Stahlrohrbogen

STAHLROHR048,3x3,3     Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR035x5            Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR028x5            Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR0180x6,6      Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR012x1,5        Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR120x8            Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR101,6x6,3     Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR0 42,4 x 3,2 Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR139,7x8        Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR034x2,9        Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR044,5x6,3     Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR022x2            Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR088,9x6,3     Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR088,9x4        Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR088,9x12,5  Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR076,1x8        Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR070x10          Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR060,3x14,2  Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR060,3x10      Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR054x6,3        Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR038x3,2        Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR035x4            Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR025x4            Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR108x10          Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR090x15          Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR076,1x12,5  Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR070,5x12,5  Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR063,5x2,9     Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR60,3x3,65     Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR057x8            Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR042,4x2,6     Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR033,7x4        Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR033,7x2,6     Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR031,8x2,6     Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR028x2,6        Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR026,9x5        Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR026,9x2,9     Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR025x2            Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR219,1x6,3     Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR0168x8          Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR0160x4          Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR133x6,3        Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR133x4            Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR101,6x3,6     Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR0101,6x14,2                Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR099x12,7      Stahlrohr

STAHLROHR100x15          Stahlrohr nahtlos

STAHLROHR020x1            Stahlrohr

PC0970.13.35.02a             GRP frame

PC0970.13.33.03c             Stahlrahmen Einlegeteil GFK Flügeltür 2

PC0970.13.31.03c             Stahlrahmen Einlegeteil GFK Flügeltür 1

STAHLDRAHTBÜRSTE      steel brush

STAHLBAUZWINGESTB400x175MM         Clamp

STAHLBAUZWINGESTB300x175MM         Clamp

GB05.00.00.00   Stahlbauset Vibrogetriebe

H0970.22.00.00b               Stahlbauset Verschleissplattensatz Brecher (25) PC1

PCJ0970.13.00.00d           Stahlbauset Verkleidungen PC2

PC0970.22.00.00d             Stahlbauset Wassertank PC1/PC2

Stahlbauset Stütze 88 PC1/2        Stahlbauset Stütze 88 PC1/2

Stahlbauset Siebbox 46 CS2810  Stahlbauset Siebbox

Stahlbauset Seitenband Siebbox 47 CS2810           Stahlbauset Seitenband Siebbox

PC0970.86.00.00f              Stahlbauset Seitenband PC1, PC2

H0970.08.01.00  Stahlbauset Rotor (25) PC1

Stahlbauset Rahmen Siebbox 45 CS2810 Stahlbauset Rahmen Siebbox

PC0970.01.00.00e             Stahlbauset Rahmen (01) PC1

PCJ0970.03.00.00d           Stahlbauset Motorpaket PC2

PC0970.03.00.00f              Stahlbauset Motorpaket (03) PC1

PC0970.96.00.00e             Stahlbauset Magnetabscheider PC1/PC2

PCJ0970.06.00.00b           Stahlbauset Laufsteg PC2

PC1380.00.00.00Bd          Steel construction black assamled PC6

PC1310.00.00.00Bc           Steel construction black assamled PC5

PC1265.004.00.00Bab     Steel parts and pre-assembly PC4 (PC1265J)

PC0970.05.00.00h             Stahlbauset Hauptaustrageband PC1, PC2

Stahlbauset HAB Siebbox 58 CS2810         Stahlbauset

PC0970.14.00.00e             Stahlbauset Dieseltank PC1/PC2

BB0970.00.00.00e             Stahlbauset Backenbrecher PC2

PC0970.94.00.00a             Stahlbauset Aufhängung Hauptaustrageband PC1/PC2

H0970.00.00.00f                Stahlbauset Anbauteile Brecher (25) PC1

PC0970.90.00.00b             frame 1 of side conveyor PC0970

Stahlbauset GFK Tür 3 2 PC1        GRP frame

Stahlbauset GFK Flügeltür 2 PC1/2            Stahlbau Set GFK Flügeltür 2 PC1/2

Stahlbauset GFK Flügeltür 1 PC1/2            GRP frame

Stahlbauset GFK Flügeltür 1         GRP frame

STBSCHRÄGBAND            STAHLBAU Schrägband



STB-405                STAHLBAU

STB-404                STAHLBAU

STB-403                STAHLBAU

STAHLBAND-16 Steel packaging strap

KLEIDERSCHRANK            Switch cabinet metal

STABMAGNET   Magnetic rod

TASCHENLAMPE               pocket lamp

F14-05-050          Oil pressure gauge

SÄULENBOHRMASCHINE              Drill press

SPANHAKEN      swarf crook

SPÄNESETDIN61               Set of turings

EX44-EN1405      flushing filter

SPRÜHKL             Spray adhesive

SCHWEISSDECKE1150     Welding blanket

404BG.661.23.00D            Spread angle

SPLINTENTREIBER            Splint pin drift

KUPSP211/B1535C           Cotter pin

KUPSP211/B1535B           Cotter pin

SPLINT1,6/16/94               Split pin

SPLINT8/80/94  Split pin

SPLINT8/71/94  Split pin

SPLINT8/63/94  Split pin

SPLINT8/50/94  Split pin

SPLINT8/100/94                Split pin.

SPLINT7/55/94  Split pin

SPLINT6,3/80/94               Split pin

SPLINT6,3/63/94               Split pin

SPLINT6,3/56/94               Split pin

SPLINT6,3/50/94               Split pin

SPLINT6,3/45/94               Split pin

SPLINT6,3/40/94               Split pin

SPLINT5/56/94  Split pin

SPLINT5/50/94  Split pin

SPLINT5/45/94  Split pin

SPLINT5/40/94  Split pin

SPLINT5/36/94  Split pin

SPLINT5/32/94  Split pin

SPLINT4/40/94  Split pin

SPLINT4/32/94  Split pin

SPLINT4/25/94  Split pin

SPLINT3,2/25/94               Split pin

SPITZZIRKEL        Spitzzirkel mit Stellbogen Promat

HYSCHUTZFEDER2            Hose/cable guard

HYSSNW90/1000              Helical suction tube

HYSSNW50/860 Helical suction tube

HYSSNW50/720 Helical suction tube

HYSSNW50/600 Helical suction tube

HYSSNW50/1050              Helical suction tube

BOSET1-13RUKO              Drill-bit set

BOSET1-13HSSTIN            Drill-bit set

BOSET1-13          Drill-bit set

BOSET1-10          Drill-bit set

BOSET1-10TINBESCH.     Drill-bit set

BOSETTIN            Drill-bit set

BO9        Drill bit

BO8H     Spiralbohrer

BO8,5H Drill bit

BO7        Drill bit

BO7,5    Drill-bit

BO6H     Spiralbohrer

BO6,8    Drill bit

BO6,5H Spiralbohrer

BO5        Drill bit

BO5,5    Spiralbohrer

BO4        Spiralbohrer

BO4,5    Drill bit

BO4,2    Drill bit

BO3        Spiralbohrer

BO30,5  Drill bit

BO3,5    Spiralbohrer

BO3,2    Drill bit

BO2        Drill bit

BO21     Drill bit

BO2,5    Drill bit

BO17,5  Drill bit

BO14     Drill bit

BO13H  Drill-bit

BO12H  Spiralbohrer

BO12,5H               Drill bit

BO11H  Drill-bit

BO11,5  Drill bit

BO10H  Spiralbohrer

BO10,5H               Drill bit

BO10,2  Drill bit

BOHSS21DIN345               Drill bit

BO17     Drill bit

SPBAND1075      Cable protection

MONTAGEKASSETTE       Cartridge of assembling

SPSCHVS161       Spezialschraube

SPSCHVS122       Spezialschraube

SPSCHRO08        Special nut for cast-iron wear plates

SPSCHEC04/14   Special nut for cast-iron wear plates


SCHEIBESPERM12            Dacromet washer

SCHEIBESPERM10            Dacromet washer

SCHEIBESPERM06            Dacromet washer

SPERRGRIFF/JSCH            Sperrbare Griffleiste für Siebanlagen

HYHPVDRÜB      Pressure sensor kit

SPANNZANGENSATZDIN6499-B742E/ER40.SZ      Spannzangensatz

SPANNVERSCHL Spannverschluss gelocht, verzinkt

SPANNUNTERLG              Universal drill-bit

HSENSORSPANNVERSORGKABEL2,5M    Spannungsversorgungskabel

HSENSORSPANNUNGSVERSKABEL            Spannungsversorgungskabel

ESPANNUNGSWANDLER220V/24V           Voltage Converter

DURCHGANGSPRÜF        Spannungs- und Durchgangsprüfer

DIN1481               Spannstift

DIN1481               Spannstift

SEILSPANNM24 Turnbuckle

SPANNSCHLOSSM20       Turnbuckle w. hooks

SPANNSCHLOSSM16       Turnbuckle w. hooks

SEILSPANNM12 Turnbuckle w. hooks

SEILSPANWAM10            Turnbuckle.

F540-10-03-011 Holder for Hopper rubber

LAGUCT212        Bearing housing unit

SPANNHÜLSEGEHÄUSE2,4MM   Gas nozzle of ceramic

LAGH2316           Spring pin

SPAN20/90         Spring pin

SPAN10/75         Spring pin

SPAN10/20         Spring pin

SPANNHÜLSE#2,4MM   Gas nozzle of ceramic

F540-35-22          Tensioner bar

F12-12-0027        Rosta Tensioner

SPANNBUCHSE 3535-60 Spannbuchse

SPALTFILTER       disk filter

PALSONDER1200X2400  Europallet 800x1200mm new treated

Sonderausführung          Special /extra edition / equipment:

RELAISSOZG460024         Socket for relay

RELAISSOCKHB50290266               Socket for relay

RELAISSOCKMR78700     Socket for relay

ESOCKLEISTREL Mount f. power relay

SITZBANKGARDER           Sitzbank mit Garderobe

F14-04-3546        Signal horn

SILIKONSCHLAUCH          Silicone rubber hose

SILIKONMAT      Silikonmatte geschäumt

SILIKONENTFERNER5L    Silicon adhesive transparency

Silikonkappen dm=15mm             Silikonkappen

SILIKONKABEL2X4-40     Silicone rubber cable

SILIKONKABEL1X6SCHW-40         Silicone rubber cable

SILIKONKABEL1X6BLAU-40          Silicone rubber cable

SILIKONKABEL1X4ROT-40             Silicone rubber cable

SILIKONKABEL16X1.5ROT-40       Silicone rubber cable

SILIKONENTFERNER5L    Silicone cleaner 5l

800F-AB7             silikosis cover

SILIKONDICHTMASSE     Silicone sealant

KLEBERSIKA228 Sikaflex

E200318                Illum. column complete

E80005243           Illuminated column amber/red

E86520006           Signal horn

F17-00-1744        Screen tensioning bar

5138-04-51-2      Screen tensioning bar

Siebe     SCREENS:

F540-10-59001   Hopper rubber

F10-28-0004        Cylinder bracket screenbox

F10-28-0005        Hydraulic cylinder

F630-10-42          Screen box extension plate right

F630-10-43          Screen box extension plate left


SIV2900/1230/33/7          V-Screen

SIV2630/1528/6.3/2.5     V-screen

SIV2630/1528/6/2.8/1.8W            Screen

SIV2630/1528/5/2.5        V-Screen

SIV2630/1528/5/2.5        V-Screen

SIV2630/1528/5/2.0        V-screen

SIV2630/1528/40/8.0      V-Screen

SIV2630/1528/20/3.0P   V-screen

SIV2630/1528/2.5/1.5     V-Screen

SIV2630/1515/4/1.2        V-screen

SIV2630/1515/25/5.0      V-screen

SIV2630/1515/22/5.0      V-screen

SIV2630/1515/20/5.0      V-screen

SIV2630/1515/19.0/5.0  V-screen

SIV2630/1515/14/2.8      V-screen

SIV2630/1515/12/4          V-screen

SIV2630/1220/18/4          V-Screen

SIV2630/1220/10x30/3   V-Screen

SIV2630/1220/10/3,2      V-Screen

SIV2600/1528/9/3            V-screen

SIV2600/1528/3/1,4CS   V-screen

SIV2600/1528/3/1,4       V-screen

SIV2600/1528/2.5x60/1.2x1.4CS                V-screen

SIV2446/1520/5/2            V-Screen

SIV2446/1520/70/8          V-Screen

SIV2446/1520/40/10       V-Screen

SIV2446/1520/35/8          V-Screen




SIV2446/1520/16/4          V-Screen

SIV2446/1520/12,5/4      V-Screen

SIV2370/1515/85/16       V-Screen

SIV2370/1515/40/8          V-Screen

SIV2370/1515/12/4          V-Screen

SIV2370/1515/10/3          V-Screen

SIV2370/1515/06/2          V-Screen

SIV1850/1450/50/8          V-Screen

SIV1846/1530/07              V-Screen

SIV1846/1520/80/12       V-Screen

SIV1846/1520/80/10       V-Screen

SIV1846/1520/70/8          V-Screen

SIV1846/1520/5/2.0        Screen

SIV1846/1520/40/10       V-Screen

SIV1846/1520/36/6,3      V-Screen

SIV1846/1520/35/8          V-Screen

SIV1846/1520/35/6,3      V-Screen

SIV1846/1520/20/4          V-Screen

SIV1846/1520/11.2/2.     V-Screen

SIV1846/1520/6/5            V-Screen

SIV1835/1140/33/7          V-Screen

SIV1820/1535/5.0/2.0     V-Screen

SIV1820/1535/4.0/1.6     V-Screen

SIV1780/1220/17/5.0      V-Screen

SIV1680/1515/14/4          V-screen

SIV1675/1528/04/1.6      V-Screen

SIV1675/1528/20x40/3.2               V-Screen

SIV1675/1528/11/2.8      V-Screen

SIV1675/1528/06x18/1.6N            V-Screen

SIV1675/1528/06x18/1.6               V-Screen

SIV1675/1528/06x18/1.2N            V-Screen

SIV1675/1528/06x18/1.2N            V-Screen

SIV1675/1528/05x20/2.5               V-Screen

SIV1675/1515/70/10       V-Screen

SIV1675/1515/55/10       V-Screen

SIV1675/1515/31,5/6,3  V-Screen

SIV1675/1515/40/8          V-Screen

SIV1675/1515/35/6.3      V-Screen

SIV1675/1515/12/3.0      V-Screen

SIV1580/1200/60/8          V-screen

SIV1580/1200/60/10       V-screen

SIV1580/1200/50/8          V-screen

SIV1580/1200/50/10       V-screen

SIV1580/1200/25/4.0      V-screen

SIV1580/1200/18/4.0      V-screen

SIV1530/1630/75/12       V-screen

SIV1530/1630/71/10       V-screen

SIV1530/1630/70/12       V-screen

SIV1520/1200/60/8.0      V-screen

SIV1520/1200/60/10       V-screen

SIV1520/1200/50/8          V-screen

SIV1520/1200/50/10       V-screen

SIV1520/1200/25/4.0      V-screen

SIV1520/1200/18/4.0      V-screen

SIV1420/1180/40/6.3      V-Screen

SIV1420/1180/30/5.0      V-Screen

SIV1420/1180/22/5.0      V-Screen

SIV1420/1180/08/2          V-Screen

SIV1410/1180/05/2          V-Screen

SIV1370/1100/32              V-Screen

SIV1190/1515/85/16       V-Screen

SIV1190/1515/45/6          V-Screen

SIV1190/1515/40/8          V-Screen

SIV1190/1515/12/4          V-Screen

SIV1190/1515/10/3          V-Screen

SIV1190/1515/06/2          V-Screen

SIV1510/1828/8/2.8        V-screen

SIV1510/1828/8/2.0        V-screen

SIV1510/1828/6/1,8CS   V-screen

SIV1510/1828/46/8          V-screen

SIV1510/1828/45/8          V-screen

SIV1510/1828/40/8          V-screen

SIV1510/1828/4/2.5        V-screen

SIV1510/1828/35/6.3      V-screen

SIV1510/1828/30/6.3      V-screen

SIV1510/1828/25/6.3      V-screen

SIV1510/1828/22/6.3      V-screen

SIV1510/1828/20/6.3      V-screen

SIV1510/1828/18/5          V-screen

SIV1510/1828/12.5/4      V-screen

SIV1510/1828/12/4          V-screen

SIV1510/1828/10/4          V-screen

SIV1510/1828/10/2.5      V-screen

SIV1510/1218/60/10       V-screen

SIV1510/1218/05x20/2.5               V-screen

SIV1510/1218/54/10       V-screen

SIV1510/1218/05/2          V-screen

SIV1510/1218/32/6          V-screen

SIV1510/1218/24/4          V-screen

SIV1510/1218/20x40/3.2               V-screen

SIV1510/1218/17/5          V-screen

SIV1510/1218/16/4          V-screen

SIV1510/1218/100/12     V-screen

SIV1510/1218/100/10     V-screen

SIV1510/1218/09/2.5      V-screen

SIV1500/1220/24/5          V-sreen

SIV1480/1845/5 /1.6      V-screen

SIV1475/1590/40/6.3      V-screen

SIV1475/1590/22/5          V-screen

SIV1475/1100/32/6.3      V-screen

SIV1475/1100/20/4.0      V-screen

SIV1475/1100/18/4.0      V-screen

SIV1475/1100/6.0/2.0H  V-screen

SICHERUNGSSCHEIBEØ5DIN6799              Sicherungsscheibe

KUPKPTO19/POS134      Lock washer

KUPREP143/0014493      Circlip

KUPREP143/0014478      Circlip

MOTD01262635                Safety nut

SICHHAL5X20MM            Sicherungshalter

KUPHFO314/N2804AF    Safety plate for shaft

SB4         Safety clip

SB3         Safety clip

SB3         Safety clip

LAGMB24            Safety clip

LAGMB22            Safety clip

LAGMB16            Safety clip

LAGMB12            Safety clip

KUPREP113/032111         Safety plate

KUPHFO314/N2804AC   Safety clip

KUPHFO314/C104.466    Safety plate for rotary feedthrough



ESICHERUNGAUTO1POL32A        Circuit breaker

ESICHERUNGAUTO1POL20A        Circuit breaker

MOTCTC9CA3E7294        Breaker A

Sicherung für CAT C9,C11,C13 ST3 70A    Circuit breaker

Sicherung für CAT C15 ST3 60A   Circuit breaker

Sicherung für CAT C7 ST3 50A     Circuit breaker

F14-05-0120        Sicherung

F14-05-0115        Oil pressure gauge

E86766002           Safety limiter switch

E86760015           2-point safety switch

MOTIV8015450 Engine safety element

MOTIV8015450 Engine safety element

SICHFALLPWH8 Sicherheitsfallengarnitur

SICHFALLPWH16               Sicherheitsfallengarnitur

SICHFALLPWH10               Sicherheitsfallengarnitur

350900  Safety door f. switchbox

350901  Safety door f. switchbox

S-HAKEN2T         S-hitch

S-HAKEN0,8T     S-hitch

SETKUEHLWASHEIZC13  Water heater jacket

DREHGELENKLWM1        swivel joint

ABSAUGUNGSET              Set of exhaust ventilation

ABLUFTANLAGESET        Set of exhaust air unit

Sensorset für PC1             Sensorset für PC1

LASERSENSORKOPF        Sensorkopf

E86136013           Cable

SKSCHSKM8/20/8.8/7991             Senkkopfschraube

SKSCHSKM6/60/8.8/963                Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM6/50/8.8/963                Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM6/40/8.8/963                Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM6/35/8.8/963                Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM6/30/8.8/963                Countersunk bolt.

SKSCHSKM6/20/8.8/963                Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM6/16/8.8/963                Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM6/10/8.8/963                Countersunk bolt

SKSCH5X60/963/8.8        Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCH5X50/963/8.8        Senkkopfschraube

SKSCHM5X45/963/8.8    Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCHM5X40/963/8.8    Senkkopfschraube

SKSCHM5X35/963/8.8    Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCHM5X30/963/8.8    Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCHM5X25/963/8.8    Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCHM5X20/963/8.8    Senkkopfschraube

SKSCHM5X10/963/8.8    Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCHM5X10/963/8.8    Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCH4X60/963/8.8        Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCH4X50/963/8.8        Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCH4X45/963/8.8        Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCH4X40/963/8.8        Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCH4X35/963/8.8        Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCH4X30/963/8.8        Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCH4X25/963/8.8        Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCH4X20/963/8.8        Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCH4X16/963/8.8        Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCH4X10/963/8.8        Counter Sunk Bolt

SKSCHM24/25/8.8           Senkkopfschraube

SKSCHSKM20/90/8.8/7991           Senkkopfschraube

SKSCHM20/25/8.8           Senkkopfschraube

SKSCHSKM16/60/8.8/7991           Senkkopfschraube

SKSCHSKM16/70/10.9/963           Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM16/35/10.9/7991         Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM16/25/10.9/7991         Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM14/40/8.8/7991           Countersunk bolt.

SKSCHSKM/12/50            Senkkopfschraube

SKSCHSKM12/20/8.8/7991           Countersunk bolt.

SKSCHSKM12/60/8.8/7991           Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM12/45/8.8/7991           Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM12/45/10.9/963           Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM12/40/8.8/7991           Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM12/35/10.9/963           Countersunk bolt.

SKSCHSKM12/30/8.8/7991           Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM10/45/8.8/7991           Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM10/70/8.8/7991           Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM10/40/8.8/963             Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM10/40/8.8/7991           Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM10/30/8.8      Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM10/25/8.8/963             Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM10/25/8.8/7991           Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM10/20/4.8/963             Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM10/16/10.9/7991         Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM08/16/10.9/7991         Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM06/25/8.8/963             Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM6/25/5.6/963                Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM6/16/8.8/7991             Countersunk bolt

SKSCHSKM5/16/8.8/7991             Countersunk bolt

SENKERSATZM3-M10     Reamer set 90° M3-M10

EX44-EN1004      secondary air filter

EX44-EN1001      secondary fuel filter

PC0970.46.04.00a             Side wall of screener PC0970

SEITENSCHNEIDER           wire cutter pliers

F19-61-0220-60deg          Side roller

F19-51-0220-50deg          Roller right hand side

F19-31-0220-30deg          Roller right hand side

F19-60-0220-60deg          Side roller

F19-50-0220-50deg          Roller left hand side

F19-40-0220-40deg          Roller left hand side

F19-30-0220-30deg          Roller left hand side

F19-20-0220-20deg          Roller left hand side

ROLTR89-140      Guide roller

ROLTR89-110      Guide roller

ROLTR60-100      Guide roller

ROLTR60-85        Guide roller

ROLTR60-140      Guide roller

ROLSF89/190      Guide roller

ROLSF63/132      Guide roller

ROLSF63/100M20             Guide roller

F19-41-0150deg                40 Degree Wing roller (150 long)

F540-65-13          Side deck rubber

504B.86.00.00Bc                Side conveyor complete

504B.861.00.00B               SEITENBAND für PC1265J

F540-35-45          Side Conveyor Top Section

F540-35-46          Side Conveyor Mid Section

F20-04-0570        Side conveyor belt

F20-04-1542        Side

F20-04-0540        Side conveyor belt

100724+E             Sidewall rubber sealing




SEEVERPACK      Seaproof boxing

KUPKPTO19/POS51         Snap ring for

KUPKPTO19/POS48         Snap ring for

SEEGERING45/2 External circlip

SEEGERING25x1,2            External circlip

SEEGERING28/1,5            External circlip

TRANSPSCHIFF  Shipment via ship

SKSCH1/2X2 DIN931        Sechsschraube

SECHSKANTSTECKSCHLÜSSEL      Sechskant-Steckschlüssel mit Quer-Griff

DIN929 Sechskant-Schweissmutter

DIN929 Sechskant-Schweissmutter

DIN929 Sechskant-Schweissmutter

SKTSCHM6/60/3/8.8/933              Hex. bolt.

SKTSCHM6/55/3/8.8/933              Hex. bolt

SKTSCHM6/35/3/8.8/933              Hex. bolt

SKSCHM5/55/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM5/55/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM5/50/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM5/45/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM5/40/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM5/35/8.8/933     Sechskantschraube

SKSCHM5/30/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM5/25/8.8/933     Sechskantschraube

SKSCHM5/15/8.8/933     Sechskantschraube

SKSCHM5/10/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM4/60/8.8/933     Hex. bolt.

SKSCHM4/50/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM4/45/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM4/40/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM4/35/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM4/30/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM4/25/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM4/20/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM4/16/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM4/10/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM36X3/140/8.8/931           Sechskantschraube

SKTSCHM36/140/8.8/931              Sechskantschraube

SKTSCHM36/130/3/10.9/961       Hex. bolt

H1275.110.00.00               Bolt

H1275.109.00.00               Bolt

SKSCHM30/300/10.9/933              Hex. bolt

SKTSCHM30/200/8.8/931              Sechskantschraube.

SKSCHM30/150/8.8/933                Hex. bolt

SKTSCHM30/150/8.8/931              Sechskantschraube

SKSCHM30/130/8.8/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM30/120/8.8/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM30/80/10.9/933                Hex. bolt

BB16.58.00.00E  Bolt

SKSCHM24/180/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/150/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/130/8.8/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/130/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/120/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/110/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/100/10.9/931              Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/95/1,5/10.9/961        Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/80/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/80/10.9/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/65/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/65/10.9/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/60/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/60/10.9         Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/55/10.9/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/50/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM24/45/8.8/933  Hex. bolt.

SKSCHM24/40/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/220/8.8/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/220/8.8/931                Hex. bolt.

SKSCHM20/210/10.9/933              Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/180/8.8/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/180/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/160/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/130/1.5/10.9/961      Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/100/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/90/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/80/1,5/10.9/961        Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/80/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/80/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/70/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/70/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/70/10.9/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/60/1,5/10.9/961        Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/60/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/55/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/45/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/40/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM20/35/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKTSCHM18/80/8.8/931                Sechskantschraube

SKTSCHM16/95/10.9/931              Sechskantschraube

SKSCHM16/150/1,5/10.9/961      Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/150/8.8/931                Hex. bolt.

SKSCHM16/140/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/120/8.8/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/120/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/100/8.8/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/100/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/90/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/90/10.9/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/80/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/75/8.8/933  Sechskantschraube

SKSCHM16/70/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/70/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/65/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/60/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/60/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/55/8.8/933  Sechskantschraube

SKSCHM16/55/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/50/1,5/10.9/961        Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/50/1,5/8.8/961          Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/50/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/50/10.9/933                Hex. bolt.

SKSCHM16/45/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/35/8.8/933  Sechskantschraube

SKSCHM16/20/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM16/10/10.9/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM14/70/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM14/60/8.8/3       Hex. bolt

SKSCHM14/60/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM14/60/10.9/3     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM14/60/10.9/3     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM14/35/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM14/20/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM14/120/8.8/3     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/85/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/140/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKTSCHM12/120/1,5/10.9/960   Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/120/8.8/1     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/110/1,5/10.9/961      Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/110/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/100/8.8/931                Sechskantschraube.

SKSCHM12/90/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/70/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/70/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/65/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/60/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/60/8.8/931  Sechskantschraube.

SKSCHM12/60/10.9/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/55/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/55/5.6/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/55/10.9/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/55/10.9/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/50/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/45/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/45/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/40/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/35/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/30/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/30/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/30/10.9/3     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/25/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/22/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/20/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/20/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM12/16/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/160/10.9/931              Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/140/8.8/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/140/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/140/10.9/933              Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/120/8.8/931                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/100/8.8/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/90/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/90/10.9/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/80/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/70/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/60/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/55/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/50/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/50/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/45/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/45/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/40/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/35/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/30/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/30/10.9/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/25/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/25/5.6/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/25/10.9/933                Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/18/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/16/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/14/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM10/12/8.8/933  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM8/100/8.8/931  Hex. bolt

SKSCHM8/80/8.8/931     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM8/50/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM8/50/8.8/931     Sechskantschraube

SKSCHM8/40/8.8/933     Hex. bolt.

SKSCHM8/30/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM8/30/8.8/931     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM8/25/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM8/25/5.6/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM8/20/8.8/933     Hex. bolt.

SKSCHM8/16/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM8/12/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM8/10/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM6/90/8.8/931     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM6/50/8.8/933     Sechskantschraube

SKSCHM6/10/8.8/931     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM6/40/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM6/35/8.8/933     Sechskantschraube

SKSCHM6/30/8.8/933     Sechskantschraube

SKSCHM6/25/8.8/933     Sechskantschraube

SKSCHM6/16/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM6/12/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM6/10/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM5/20/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM5/16/8.8/933     Hex. bolt

SKSCHM6/DIN6923         Hex. bolt

SKM5/934/8       Hexagon nut

SKM4/934/8       Hexagon nut

SKM36/936/8.8 Hexagonal nut

LW503HSWSPASKM30   Hex Nut for hydrauliccylinder

SKM30/985/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM30/936/8.8 Hexagonal nut.

SKM24/2/982/10.9          Hexagon nut

SKM24/985/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM24/982/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM24/936/8.8 Hexagonal nut

SKM24/934/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM24/6331/8.8               Hexagon nut

SKM20/1,5/985/8.8         Hexagon nut

SKM20/982/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM20/936/8.8 Hexagonal nut

SKM20/6331/10.9            Sechskantmutter

SKMUTTERM18X1MMDIN936    Sechskantmutter

SKM18/934/8.8 Sechskantmutter

SKM16/985/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM16/982/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM16/936/8.8 Hexagonal nut

SKM16/934/8     Hexagon nut

SKM14/1,5/934/10.9       Hexagon nut

SKM14/985/8     Hexagon nut

SKM14/982/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM14/934/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKMM12/1/936 Sechskantmutter

SKM12/934         Sechskantmutter

SKM12/6923       Hex. bolt

SKM12/8.8/985 Hexagon nut

SKM12/8.8/982 Hexagon nut

SKM12/10.9/982               Hexagon nut

SKM10/985/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM10/982/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM10/934/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM08/985/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM08/982/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM08/980/8.8 Sechskantmutter

SKM08/934/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM06/982/8.8 Sechskantmutter

SKM06/980V/8.8              Hexagon nut

SKM06/934/8.8 Hexagon nut.

SKM06/934/5.6 Hexagon nut

SKM05/934/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM05/8.8/439 Hexagon nut

SKM04/934/8.8 Hexagon nut

SKM24/934/8.8/L             Hexagon nut

SKM20/934/10.9/L           Hexagon nut left

SKM24/935/8.8 Hexagon castle nut

SKM20/935/8.8 Hexagon castle nut

SKM16/935/8.8 Hexagon castle nut

SKM12/8.8/935 Hexagon castle nut

Our parts lists are for reference purposes only, to assist our customers with the identification of part numbers. Although we can source and supply the vast majority of parts listed, please refer to our product pages to see items that we have in stock and/or have previously supplied.