Aftermarket and OEM Original Jaw Crusher Parts and Spares sourced from reputable foundries and dealers worldwide to OEM specifications. Jaw liners are usually available in 14% Mn, 18% Mn and 22% Mn, as per your requirement. 

Jaw crushers are available with a range of different tooth profiles, including;

CORRUGATED lends itself well to soft rock applications and deep tooth versions for medium-hard rock in recycling applications. 

POINTED offers good grip on flat surfaces often favoured in a demolition setting. 

SQUARE TOOTH often referred to as quarry tooth because it offers a satisfactory primary crushing results, with maximum wear life resulting in fewer jaw changes during the intensive hours performed in a quarry setting. 

PLAIN a simple design used by a handful of crusher builders, intended to be paired with a toothed jaw (providing grip) whilst maintaining maximum wear life in the plain jaw. 


Our extensive network ensures that we will offer you the best opportunity to get your machine running again in the quickest possible time frame.