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Welcome to the Crusher Consumables news feed

  1. Look out below!









    We are pleased to supply two x 6 metric tonne cast steel dropballs to A J Specialist Welding Services of Coalville, Leicester.  Both of these dropballs will shortly go into service at one of Leicestershire’s largest quarries.


  2. CCL Sponsors Sure-Shot Hopefuls












    Crusher Consumables are pleased to sponsor clay pigeon sure-shot hopefuls Rebecca Parker and Martyn Stolworthy in their attempt to reach competition medal winning standard.  Extra tuition at former champion Bob Valentine’s school of excellence proves to be a fantastic boost.

  3. Crusher Consumables sponsors talented young actress to attend prestigious London theatre school- RedRoofs School for Drama.

    Georgina Bond has successfully attained a 70% scholarship to attend her dream college where she can pursue her lifelong passion for drama. However she still needs to raise a considerable amount in order to cover her living costs whilst at the college, to do this she has appealed to a number of sponsors and will be holding a number of events in order to raise the capital.


    We have had the pleasure of knowing Georgina since she was a small child and have seen her blossom into the lovely and very talented young woman that she is today. We wish her all the best and know that whatever she does in life she will be successful at, and we look forward to seeing her name in lights.

    Georgie Bond

    Any further sponsors would be greatly appreciated, please follow the link below:

  4. Newborough Well Dressing

    6th May 2013


    Crusher Consumables Ltd sponsors Well Dressing and flower display in local village, Newborough.

    CCL Sponsor


    The ancient art of Well Dressing is believed to have originated in pagan times when it was a ritual performed to give thanks for the gift of water and may possibly have been introduced to Britain by the Romans. the church banned it but the tradition refused to die and has survived to the present day in and around Derbyshire. At its simplest it’s the art of decorating springs and wells with pictures of growing things. Wooden boards are filled with soft, wet clay on which a design is picked out and then colored using petals and other natural materials such as leaves, cones and bark.

    newborough well dressing - newborough, newborough

    Crusher Consumables was lucky enough to be able to sponsor a well board at this year’s Well Dressing and a beautiful display of flowers which were displayed in the church as parts of a festival of flowers. The sun was shining and a lovely day was had by all, the village looked splendid with festive decorations and attractions for all the family to enjoy.


  5. Weather Conditions


    Record levels of snow affect Crusher Consumables…


    We keep plowing on regardless!

  6. New Crusher Consumables Website Launched!

    We’re delighted to announce the launch of the new Crusher Consumables website. This launch is the result of weeks of hard work from both the Crusher Consumables team and our website design partners, FirstFound. Our new site will make it easier for you to take advantage of our great products and services, and will provide you with a vastly improved user experience.

    We don’t expect any teething difficulties with the new website, but we would ask our visitors to keep an eye out for any minor bugs that you notice while we’re double checking that everything works properly.

    In the unlikely event that you experience any bugs, please drop us a line on or give us a call on 01283 576 185..

    Thanks for reading, please enjoy our brand new website!

    Yours, the Crusher Consumables Team.