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Wear Parts

We stock a variety of blow bars, impact plates and liners to suit most makes and models of crushing machinery, most of our blow bars are available in: Manganese, Martensitic, Martensitic-Ceramic and Chrome depending on your crushed material, all are exceptionally good quality. Please contact us with you requirement or if you do not see the part you need listed below.

12.99.0103 Blow bar in martensitic/ceramic

Terex Finlay I-110

30179 Blow bar – Martensitic/Ceramic (green)

Rubblemaster RM80

Blow bar in 18% Mn

Hartl 504 PCV

550-003-056MR Blow bar in martensitic

McCloskey I44

488.0368-901 BACKUP TIP SET

Sandvik Vertical Impactor

488.0369-901 TOP WEAR PLATE SET, Ø850MM

Sandvik Vertical Impactor

90-03-0007 CASING WEAR PLATE 3-369-8

Tesab RK623

90-03-0006 CASING WEAR PLATE 3-369-7

Tesab RK623

90-03-0005 CASING WEAR PLATE 3-369-6

Tesab RK623

90-02-0001 WEAR PLATE 3-366-3

Tesab RK623

90-02-0002 WEAR PLATE 3-366-2

Tesab RK623

90-02-0003 WEAR PLATE 3-366-1

Tesab RK623

90-02-0004 WEAR PLATE 3-368-1

Tesab RK623

90-01-0160 SUPPORT PLATE 4-460 LONG

Tesab RK623

90-01-0050 STROKE PLATE 4-488

Tesab RK623

90-01-0040 STROKE PLATE 4-487

Tesab RK623

90-01-0080 WEAR PLATE 3-369-9

Tesab RK623

Blow bar in martensitic/ceramic

Rubblemaster RM60

7062251251 Blow bar in 27% Cr

Metso LT1110

2-423-3 (87-01-0000) Blow bar in high chrome

Tesab 1012

Tesab RK623 Stroke Plate

Hartl 1060 Blow Bars 27% Cr

Rubblemaster RM60

Tesab RK623 Blow Bar

Mansfield Stirrup Hammer

Mansfield Single Hammer

Hazemag Locking Wedge

Tesab 1012 Grinding Lists

Swing Hammers

Extec IC-13 Blow Bar Lifting Gear

Metso/ Nordberg LT1110

7062251255 Blow bar

Pegson 428 Blow Bar

To enquire about any of our products email us at or fill in our contact form online. All enquiries shall be met with a speedy quotation.